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Ryan Traster is a good heart somewhere in between - in between life and death, youth and wisdom, belief and bitterness. With the release of his second EP Traster hones his craft in search of wider spaces to stretch out. Since his first release The Tourists (2010) , Ryan has been on the road, criss-crossing time zones between LA and NYC, always stopping home to Minnesota even if only to blow through like many songwriter/vagabonds before him. Traster has grown with his travels- Good Hearts finds him searching in that space between being and doing, struggling to hold onto the carefree ease of youth and naivete, yet too wise and hardened by the world to maintain the dewey-eyed optimism his melodies might inspire. Lost in between the past and the future, Ryan is wrapped nostagia, yet always eyeing the door. On Good Hearts, Traster pauses at that point when we ponder mortality, the fallacy of perfection and embrace the greys that make life so vibrant.


Recorded in a series of spontaneous sessions at a snow covered house in rural MN, the production is warm and refulgent, as if sitting by the fire, peering out at the glimmering winter hills with the calm that can only come when one stops wandering to pause and reflect. In an offering that borrows brazenly from myriad American folk and rock traditions, Traster’s Good Hearts never feels stale and instead spreads the warmth of youth through aged eyes.


Ryan has over 10 years under his belt as a touring songwriter, having sharing the stage with xiu xiu, Limbeck, New Amsterdams and more.  He has recorded with members of The Jayhawks and Golden Smog. Traster’s songs have been licensed to television networks like: Discovery Channel, E!, MTV, VH1, and more.  Ryan recently had a song featured on "Keeping up with the kardashians", later hijacked by Starbucks without him knowing.